Season 33 Hall of Fame Voting

In most of my worlds, I run a blog segment that focuses on trying to figure out who should be elected to the Hall of Fame that season. Over time, I have figured out that there are two ways that have proven to be the most successful. The first is figuring out who previously got the most votes in that world and then checking the stats to see if the top 5 previous vote getters were indeed worthy (they usually are) and then pooling votes behind those guys. The second is to break down the list of candidates into tiers based on their statistical success and throw support behind the most deserving guys.  The tiers that I often use are the following: “I Should Have Been In Years Ago”, “I Will Get In Eventually”, “I Might Get In”, “Praying For A Miracle” and finally the “Field of Pipe Dreams.” When I first came up with these categories my ideal scenario was to apply career WAR totals to these tiers and analyze guys that way, but at that point I was in a world with 30+ seasons of history an

Season 32 Trade Deadline

Awhile back, I worked with cubcub113 to develop a playoff prediction model...that didn't quite work out the way I envisioned it but something else did result that's been fun to look at from time to time. That "something else" is a method of grouping all 32 franchises in a Hardball world into one of three classifications that are often referred to around the trade deadline (and at other various points in the season), those being: buyers, holders and sellers. While I will save you the long-winded version of this calculation, because that's truly what this boils down to, the CliffNotes version is as follows: Buyers are teams projected to win 92+ games in the season of interest  Holders are teams projected to win 81-91 games in the season of interest Sellers are teams that project to win 80 or fewer games in the season of interest For our current season here in Steinbrenner, these are the categorizations as we approach 7 real life days to go before the Tra

S31 Awards Voting

In most of my other worlds, I use Wins Above Replacement figures to guide my voting for the end-of-year awards. I have found a spreadsheet that calculates park-adjusted totals and also accounts for all three phases of the game (hitting, pitching and fielding) so it gives a great look into who had the best all-around season...which is really what these awards are about, right? I haven't really taken that approach here yet, but now that there's a platform to share the information with everyone I figured I'd take the time to compile it. Here are the WAR totals for all awards candidates this season: AL MVP Eric Lowe (2B-New York), 11.24 WAR Max Frieri (1B-Anaheim), 6.76 WAR Yamid Calderone (LF-New York), 6.55 WAR Brett Martin (1B-Seattle), 4.86 WAR Giancarlo Belliard (3B-Wichita), 4.49 WAR NL MVP Tony Castro (1B-Trenton), 9.63 WAR Pasqual Sanchez (2B-Cleveland), 8.45 WAR Darrell Turnbow (1B-Cincinnati), 10.13 WAR Ned Darensbourg (1B-Pittsburgh), 8.77 WAR Kris

WSTN: An official introduction

I know I've mentioned it in at least one other post, but awhile back I started a forum thread that I named "WSTN." Below you will find the transcript of the first post...I haven't been great about updating it for the trivia stuff, but have been fairly good at posting other stuff that everyone might find interesting. I am going to try to be better about posting the trivia info there, but if anyone has any other ideas or things they might want to contribute, let me know. For now, though, enjoy the introduction to WSTN  (as well as the following posts!): "Recently, thewheaties took over from zeustis01 as commish of the Steinbrenner World and instituted a weekly trivia contest based on a mix of real-world sports contests (such as NCAA Football and MLB) and some questions about the goings on in Steinbrenner. We have been looking for a place to track picks/results etc. and it recently occurred to me that a rebranding of our world would be a good time to try again on

Week 5 Trivia

As I mentioned in the Week 4 Trivia Results post, I have set up the trivia contest this week as quiz on Google Forms. Hopefully that means that you will receive an email with your results at the end of the week...but to make that happen, you need to put your email in. As a result, I have put questions asking for both your email address and WIS username...since we haven't really done the same method twice yet, please let me know if you aren't a fan of this format and we can go back to a previous iteration of the answer distribution. Relatedly, I will make sure to put everyone's answers to the trivia on the WSTN forum thread so that those of you who want to track your success (and others) in real time can do so. Good luck to all! -Ellis (bruinsfan911)

Week 4 Trivia Results

With the OT thriller on Monday Night Football, our Week 4 trivia contest concluded. Due to the format that results from linking a Google Form to a spreadsheet, it's a bit difficult to display all of the results in a screenshot like I did last week. Instead, I will put a summary of the results below and you can feel free to reach out to me to find out what you got right or wrong if you happen to be the curious type. This upcoming week, I am going to try to set up the Google Form as a "quiz" so that you will get your results via email once it's been "graded" aka scored...but for now we'll have to settle for the summaries. Here's how the week turned out: 1. AllStarInc, 60 points t-2. goodtymes31, 56 points t-2. scoop015, 56 points 3. torobounty, 52 points I would also like to take this opportunity to give thewheaties another shoutout for a solid performance (52 points, would have tied for 3rd) but since he has graciously decided to remove himself

Week 4 Trivia

As promised, the next round of trivia is available here . You have until noon on Saturday to fill out the form without penalty, and while late entries will be accepted any "freebies" that you might get by virtue of filling it out late will be discounted. For example, if you don't fill our your entry until 4pm Saturday afternoon and enter in the results of the early CFP games as a "guess", I will be able to tell that's what happened using the time stamp and rather than fully disqualify you those questions will simply be marked wrong. Since this post is going up on Thursday night, you have approximately 36 hours to fill it out before you're in jeopardy of having any penalties. Good luck to all, and let either myself or thewheaties know if you have suggestions for how to make the contest more accessible and/or ideas for potential future trivia questions! I will be working until Saturday evening, but at that time I will update this page so that all picks